Massage Therapy; what is it good for? Absolutely everything! Whether you are in pain or are just looking for some relaxation, massage therapy is a great option.


How will massage change your life? From the elimination of pain, and improved joint mobility to improved circulation and reduced muscle tension. Just imagine being able to wake up with no more pain!

So you’ve decided to try massage therapy! That’s fantastic! Now how do you decide who to see for a treatment? One of the most important things to ask is “are you registered?” This means that the therapist has completed all their schooling and has passed their licensing exams, and will be able to provide you with a receipt for your benefits. Also, ask your friends and family, everyone loves to give a recommendation.

Once you show up for your appointment, you’ll be required to fill out some paperwork and decide what your massage goals are. Don’t worry, the paper work is just some health history questions not short answer or essays. Massage goals are strictly what do you hope to accomplish during your treatments. Are you looking for pain relief? Are you treating a sports injury? (and yes, hurting your low back while sweeping counts as a sports injury) Are you looking to de-stress and relax? These are a few suggestions to get you started.

Allow me to introduce to you our fabulous massage therapists!


Krystle Simms: Krystle attended Sir Sanford Flemming in Peterborough where she learned specific techniques such as Swedish massage, myofacial release, neuromuscular techniques and sports massage. She hopes to educate her clients on the benefits of massage therapy as well as teach them how to stretch and strengthen their muscles.

Justine Brown: Justine attended Centennial College in Toronto for Advanced Massage Therapy. She also has certification in traditional Indian Head Massage. Her future plans include the study of Thai Yoga Massage, reflexolgy, and deep fascial release.

Amanda Pye: Amanda attended Trillium College in Oshawa, where she learned sports therapy massage.  Amanda also has her certification in Thai Massage.  She looks forward to continuing her education with different massage modalities.

Do you have insurance coverage?

That’s great! How do you use them? We will provide you with an emailed or printed receipt that you will send off to your insurance provider. Keep in mind that some providers still need a doctors prescription for massage so check your benefits to be sure.

Are you confused about what you can get with your benefits? While all providers are different, I’ll give you one example: Your benefits package says you get $650/year which is broken down by $75 per treatment up to $650 per year. That means that you can have 9 45 minute massages with the HST included or 8 60 minute massages and you cover the tax. How is that for a great benefit! Also: our annual members here at ReSoulution receive 15% off their massages!

What do you wear during a massage? Your therapist needs to get to the area being treated so the best option is no clothing. You will be covered by a sheet and blanket and your therapist is trained in how to drape the body modestly. However if you are uncomfortable with taking anything off the therapist will work around any articles of clothing.

So is it supposed to hurt; no pain no gain…right? Not necessarily! Some people get more relief when they get gentler treatments while others love a good ol’ elbow in their glutes! If you feel really sore for more than a day or two after your massage, ask yourself “was it worth it?”. If the answer is no, then try a bit more gentle next time! Remember it is YOUR treatment. If the pressure is too much (or too little!), your too hot or too cold, music is too loud just let your therapist know.