Before I break into our very first blog post about winter skin health, allow myself to introduce myself (uh, not a great start…)…My name is Kristy and I am your local expert here at Resoulution.  I am also a yoga lover, self-proclaimed massage addict and a friend to all things furry; except spiders, no one likes spiders.  It is important to note that Resoulution is the new name for our yoga studio, formerly Yoga 101.  After 7 years in Bowmanville, we expanded and rebranded.  We now offer a full service spa, while continuing to bring yoga to the Clarington community.  We have you covered from soul to sole.  I would like to invite you twice a month to join me while I delve into all things health and wellness via our blog.  Feel free to send me comments or questions.

The topic for our very first blog post came about rather organically as I noticed my own dry hands while typing this intro.  With winter in full swing, we all get dry cracked skin.  Why is our skin like this?  Let’s take a quick look at our soap and body wash.  Bar soap and strongly scented body washes are very dehydrating to our delicate winter skin.  Why? They are both alkaline which means that they are much lower on the pH scale than our skin and this causes damage and dryness to our delicate tissues.  It is better for us to have less scent in our body wash than to smell like a pomegranate explosion and have the scales of a dragon.  hahaha!

For topical moisturizer, use something that contains shea butter, or cocoa butter as well as silicones.  The body butters penetrate deep into the skin while the silicones prevent water loss from the skin.  It is best to apply your moisturizer as soon as you finish drying off from the shower.  “But, how do I get the middle of my back?” you ask…unless you want to squirt moisturizer onto the floor and roll around on it, I suggest using the back of your hand.  Apply cream onto the back of your hand and reach your arm around your back, you’ll be surprised how well this works, or stay tuned for our next yoga blog 🙂

A big question we all want to know is “why does my skin sting in the winter?”  Well…I’ll tell you. It’s that dragon skin rearing its ugly head again!  As our skin gets dehydrated, the cells start to lift and create micro fissures.  This causes anything we put onto our skin to be absorbed too deeply and therefore we get irritation.  Stupid dragon skin!


So then what do we do to those scales? …That’s right, we over exfoliate! This extra exfoliation then in turn makes the dry flakiness even worse.  How, you ask?  The exfoliation removes those cells, but also the hydrating oils in our skin, so there is less oil to help repair the flakes causing more irritation and worsens the scales.  Flakiness–great in pastry, bad on your face.  We need to lessen the scrubbing and start the healing!  Here we need to add products with nourishing oils specifically designed for the face and ingredients like hyaluronic acids to draw the moisture back into the skin and heal those micro fissures.dermalogica-phyto-replenish-oil

What about our hands?  Our cuticles crack and bleed and they become raw from all the hand sanitizer that we use.  I say “let’s go back to the days of gloves!” No, I’m just kidding, honestly, do they even make fancy gloves any more?  If the skin around your nails and finger tips is cracking and seems impossible to heal, try applying some liquid bandage to keep the skin clean and dry.  The liquid bandage helps the cracks heal from the inside out, and prevents them from getting worse.


We need to add more hydration!  Water is a great hydrator for our insides but during the cold winter months, who wants a COLD glass of water?  Try having a cup of hot lemon water, it is both hydrating and detoxifing.


Thanks everyone for reading along and hopefully you’ve learned some new tips and tricks…be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter

love, Kristy